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Hostone are providing you the fastest VPS Server Then All Companies. We Have Cloud VPS Service in Pakistan With Affordable Plans.

VPS packages are ideal for resource extensive websites that can no longer be hosted on regular shared hosting packages, or if you need custom software / scripts installations or if your site has outgrown so much that a shared package is no more capable to handle your site, then its time to move your site to a VPS server.

Cloud Servers: HostOne now offers cloud VPS hosting in Pakistan. Cloud servers provide truly redundant environment so that hardware failures are 100% covered. Note that due to extra hardware requirements, cloud servers are a lot more expensive than normal VPS servers.

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VPS hosting in Pakistan is an ideal choice for business webmasters and business owners of Pakistan in need of complete control over their web hosting environment along with the flexibility Control Panel and freedom of dedicated Servers in Paksitan resources, but at a fraction of the cost in Lahore.
HostOnePK offering you The Best VPS hosting Servers in Pakistan with full root SSL access along with the ability to hostone with unlimited domains and VPS Server Domains, install custom software/applications in Pakistan With the Help of VPS Server Pakistan, or reseller hosting in Lahore. All Virtual Private Servers is stand For VPS also comes with Apache, PHP, Perl and MySQL pre-installed AND specially For Business Lounge of Websites. You can choose either Parallels Plesk Panel or cPanel/WHM control panel and Easily Managed With VPS Server for ease of use and management of your VPS hosting in Pakistan. HostOnepk have the best and Cheap Hosting plans of VPS Server in Lahore Pakistan.

If You Looking for VPS hosting in Pakistan. You are Now at The One of The Best Web Hosting Company and right place to get VPS hosting Servers in Pakistan. Our VPS Hosting solutions are based on Pakistan & the powerful Way in All Over The World. Virtual Private Server platform is One Of the Best Server Ever. Hostone creates multiple Features VPS server in lahore on a single physical server which allows sharing of hardware With Cliends, license fees and server For Business.Management efficiently Pakistan. Each VPS Server Company performs exactly like a stand-alone server With HostOnePK and can be rebooted independently
For Business Websites Managements. HostOnePK Containers powered VPS offer a Best and Faster or Easy to use VPS Server in Lahore Pakistan magnitude of higher efficiency and manageability than traditional virtualization technologies by HostOnePK. While KVM is Kernel Based Virtualization technology which is
considered as full Virtualization With VPS Server Hosting in Lahore Pakistan. Each KVM based Virtual Private Server will have its own kernel and so it can serve requests at its own and would be efficient.

GET Your VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER (VPS) Cloud Hosting in Pakistan

HostOnepk have One of The Best VPS Server in Lahore Pakistan We have mny cliends Of VPS Server in Lahore. Because We are Providing at a low cost VPS Server in Lahore. VPS Hosting in Lahore offers full root SSH access along with the ability to host unlimited domains and VPS Hosting, install custom software/applications, or reseller hosting. All Virtual Private Servers also comes with Apache, PHP, Perl and MySQL pre-installed. You can choose either Parallels Plesk Panel or cPanel/WHM control panel for ease of use and management of your VPS hosting. HostOne VPS hosting plans are best in Pakistan market and in no comparison in International market. Enjoy the flaxibilities of Dedicated servers With HostOne after s0 pending a little amount. Here HostOnepk, one thing is mention able in VPS Server in Lahore, about which less people care but that could be very much effective if one supposed to inquire about that before ordering for a VPS Server Plans in Lahore, that is the number of containers on a dedicated server with certain specification. Usually a client purchase a VPS Server just after reading price and specification provided but when user start through, got a huge load on slow working machine, we are assure you that we are not in this practice, we are provide you the best loading free VPS Server in Lahore Pakistan and also help you in managing technically
throughout The VPS Server.

HostOnepk Web Hosting Company offered You The Best and 100% dedicated VPS hosting in Pakistan as premium and Standard value. HostOne offer you unbeatable VPS hosting Server experience in Pakistan where you Can get the complete control OF VPS Server in Lahore Pakistan i-e fully administrative root SSH/ WHM access With Your Domain and Hosting management and the ability to host and manage unlimited domains in This with a choice to install custom software/applications. Our fully managed SSD and KVM based VPS provide maximum stability to run latest web applications. Virtual Private Servers Pakistan ensure maximum performance, reliability and security.

VPS Hosting-1

  • Disk Space – 35 GB
  • Bandwidth – 1 TB
  • Memory 1024 MB
  • CPU Core-1

VPS Hosting-2

  • Disk Space – 65 GB
  • Bandwidth – 2 TB
  • Memory 2048 MB
  • CPU Core-1

VPS Hosting-3

Pkr6,500 Monthly
  • Disk Space – 85 GB
  • Bandwidth – 3 TB
  • Memory 3072 MB
  • CPU Core-1

VPS Hosting-4

Pkr7500 Monthly
  • Disk Space – 110 GB
  • Bandwidth – 4 TB
  • Memory 4096 MB
  • CPU Core-1

VPS Hosting-5

  • Disk Space – 150 GB
  • Bandwidth – 5 TB
  • Memory 5120 MB
  • CPU Core-2

VPS Hosting-6

  • Disk Space – 190 GB
  • Bandwidth – 180 TB
  • Memory 7168 MB
  • CPU Core-2

VPS Hosting-7

  • Disk Space – 220 GB
  • Bandwidth – 8 TB
  • Memory 8192 MB
  • CPU Core-3

VPS Hosting-8

  • Disk Space – 360 GB
  • Bandwidth – 9 TB
  • Memory 9216 MB
  • CPU Core-3

VPS Hosting-9

  • Disk Space – 450 GB
  • Bandwidth – 10 TB
  • Memory 10240 MB
  • CPU Core-3